Срочно! Диалог на английском, показать достопримечательности туристам. помогите плиииз!!

Срочно! Диалог на английском, показать достопримечательности туристам. помогите плиииз!!

  1. Достопримечательности в каком городе?
    Заводите в поисковик “Sightseeing in London/Moscow/ Paris/ Kiev
    Изучаете. Затем заводите то же со словом “Dialogue”. http://www.br.com.ua/referats/Foreign_languages/112788-2.html
    Вс легко и просто.

    Пример: Teacher: Its high time to repeat the names of famous places in London. Who remembers, what places of interest in London do we already know?
    Students: Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, .
    Teacher: Ok, lets practice them once more, repeat after me: Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, the Houses of Parliament, Bank of England, River Thames, Bucking ham Palace, Downing Street.
    Now youll get some pictures and your task is to guess the place and give a description of the place of interest, and if possible to give facts from the history of the place.
    Student1: This is a Trafalgar Square. We can see a fountain and a lot of pigeons, which are feeded by people.
    S2: We saw a Tower of London, which was built in XI century. A lot of people lost their heads there.

    И так далее.

    Sightseeing in London

    On a first trip to London the major sights are a must. The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and on Horse Guards Parade are free displays of colourful Royal pageantry. In August and September Buckingham Palace itself is open to visitors. Take a look at the Houses of Parliament and the famous clocktower that houses Big Ben. Other unmissable sights include the Tower of London with its colourful Beefeaters (yeoman warders), Tower Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wrens elegantly-domed masterpiece. One of the best ways to see Londons famous landmarks is to take a guided bus tour, or one of the many other tours including boat and horse-drawn omnibuses.

    Big Ben
    Big Ben is not open to the public. Possibly the most famous clock face and chimes in the world, Big Ben is actually the name of the biggest bell (13.5 tons) inside The Clock Tower (320ft) which forms part of the Houses of Parliament. Built in 1858/9 the bell was named after one Sir Benjamin Hall and when it was cast it was Britains heaviest bell. The clocks four dials each have a diameter of 23ft, the minute hands are 14ft long and the numerals on each face are nearly 2ft high. The placing of old pennies in the mechanism controls the accuracy of the clock movement, yet it is incredibly accurate.
    The tower which houses Big Ben has been called by many names, one of the most popular is St Stephens Tower. The official line, from the Head of Public Information at the Palace is that the Clock Tower is simply called The Clock Tower. However, the name Big Ben has now passed into every day use and the locals call it Big Ben so well go along with that too.
    Nearest Tube: Westminster

    Buckingham Palace
    Buckingham Palace has been the official London residence of Britains sovereigns since 1837 and evolved from a town house that was owned, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, by the Dukes of Buckingham. Buckingham Palace is the London home of The Queen and Prince Philip. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to take up residence here after the architect John Nash transformed it from Buckingham House into a palace. In 1845 Queen Victoria asked for the Palace to be extended to make more room for her growing family of four children. As part of the alterations, Marble Arch, which was originally the entrance to the palace, was moved to a new position at the corner of Hyde Park.
    The Palace is also the administrative headquarters of the monarchy. The Queen receives visiting heads of state at the palace and it is here that the Queen holds garden parties and bestows knighthoods and other honours. Foot Guards from the Household Division, in their distinctive red tunics and black bearskins, can be seen on guard duty outside the palace daily. The C

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